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Ond drwy ryw ryfedd wyrth, daethpwyd o hyd i glwb heb giw, un newydd sbon danlli doedd neb wedi clywed amdano eto.
appears to be dead, and ATK is now promoting the Giws (Rheinmetall/Diehl) 155 mm Smart (Sensor-fuzed Munition for Artillery), which delivers two parachute-equipped submunitions with EFP warheads, in this case with an MMW/IIR and radiometer sensor system.
Together with Rheinmetall it has formed the Giws Company to develop the Smart 155 mm submunition.
This is the case of the air launched Textron Sensor Fuzed Weapon and the Russian SPBE-D on the one hand and the barrel-launched Giat-Bofors Bonus, Giws Smart and Aerojet Sadarm on the other.