GIZISGeografski i Zemljisni Informacijski Sustav (Croatian: Geographical and Land Information System)
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"We saw these white-light flares, which were a first for such a cool star," Gizis said.
Morales Lopez, C., Burrowes, J.D., Gizis, F., & Brommage, D.
Sossin, Gizis, Marquart, and Sobal (1997) found that coaches felt responsible for providing nutrition information, although as a group they scored only 59% on a nutrition knowledge test.
In particular, the sport environment explanation postulates that both task (e.g., competitive demands, attempts to achieve a certain weight for optimal performance) and social (e.g., coach and teammate influences) related pressures within the athletic arena may encourage unhealthy eating and weight management behaviors that are concomitant of disordered eating (Duda & Benardot, 1997; Powers & Johnston, 1996; Round Table, 1981; Sossin, Gizis, Marquart, & Sobal, 1997; Taub & Blinde, 1992).