GJFGood Jobs First (US)
GJFGreensboro Justice Fund (civil rights support organization; Greensboro, NC; est. 1980)
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Alarmed at the situation, GJF members recently met finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman to raise their concerns.
GJF has focused in the past on environmental, health and safety issues.
The four different segments are: Retailer Awards (For GJF members only); Manufacturer Awards (For GJF members only); Jewellers Awards (Open to all in the industry fraternity) and Students Award (For students presently studying in a gems & jewellery institute)
Jewellers are unwilling to transport huge stock and cash due to the curbs, GJF's Bamalwa said, adding that about 58 kilogrammes of legal gold was seized by income tax officials in the western state of Maharashtra earlier this month.
Where GJM (Green Java Male), GJF (Green Java Female), BPM (Blue Peafowl Male), BPF (Blue Peafowl Female), BSM (Black Shoulder Male), BSF (Black Shoulder Female), PPM (Pied Peafowl Male), PPF (Pied Peafowl Female), WPM (White Peafowl Male) are nine (09) Peafowl colored mutants Dendrogram produced by the same software gave the two clusters of genotypes as given in the figure 1.
The Longmen Shan thrust belt is ~500 km long and consists of three main subparallel thrust faults: the Wenchuan-Maoxian fault, YBF, and GJF (Figure 1), which merged at the basal detachment ~15-20 km deep and formed an imbricated thrust fault system [22].
BURGOMASTER, KA., HEIGENHAUSER, GJF., GIBALA, MJ., 2006, Effect Of Short Term Sprint Interval Training On Human Skeletal Muscle Carbohydrate Metabolism During Exercise And TimeTrial Performance.
In this work, a new process--Gas Jet Fibers (GJF)--that uses a high-speed jet of gas to produce nanofibers from a nozzle is presented.
Vinod Hayagriv, chairman of the All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation ( GJF), said that stability in prices of gold and gold jewellery is helping demand remain strong.
It is on track to be the best-selling in the event's nine-year history, said Gregg Friedman of GJF Management.
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