GJJGracie Jiu-Jitsu
GJJGyaku Juji Jime (judo)
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Gastrojejunostomy (GJJ) is the standard palliative treatment for GOO and adequately relieves obstructive symptoms in most cases.[sup][7],[8],[9] However, the incidence of delayed gastric emptying after conventional GJJ is significant (20%–59%),[sup][10],[11],[12],[13] and the postoperative mortality rate reportedly varies from 18% to 24%.[sup][2],[13],[14] Endoscopic stenting (ES) is increasingly being performed for malignant GOO.[sup][15] With a shorter procedure time, faster resumption of oral intake, and a shorter hospital stay than GJJ, ES presents an effective and less invasive therapeutic option for the treatment of GOO.[sup][16],[17],[18] However, higher rates of complications, reintervention, and recurrent obstructive symptoms have also been reported.[sup][5],[15],[17]
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