GJKGilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (distance algorithm)
GJKGymnazium Jana Keplera (Czech high school)
GJKGuizhou Jonyang Kinetics (Guizhou, China)
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Established in 2005 and based in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China, GJK is a joint venture between STK and GICAM.
We're delighted to have secured for GJK a strong owner in GICAM, who will be well-placed to continue to develop the company.
GA is used for global path planning and GJK for obstacle avoidance.
During the fitness value calculation, based on obstacle position and shape, GJK Agent computes Minkowski difference between the robot and obstacle with respect to origin.
The fitness of each chromosome in the population is then evaluated by the inclusion of the GJK algorithm weight value.
[d.sub.j] - is the distance between two adjacent genes, [W.sub.j] - is the damping coefficient of jth gene k - is the total grids a mobile robot will move over d - 1, if horizontal or vertical direction, 0.414 if diagonal [W.sub.j] is calculated using the GJK agent by considering the source and the obstacle.
In Fig.2.1 simulation results the GJK continuously computes the obstacles position with respect to the robot movement, updates to GA global path planning.
The Hybrid approach makes the GA to support motion planning and the GJK to predict the obstacle position in prior.
GJK finds the obstacles position and incorporates the value in the fitness function during every step movement of the robot in the grid environment and adds the internal mechanism of obstacles values in to the genetic algorithm which makes effective optimal path selection in the environment.