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GJLGeneralized Joint Laxity
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Moreover, when Douglas-fir was used, [E.sub.c] was large (GJL, 10.4 GPa; GDF, 13.6 GPa; JJL, 11.5 GPa; JDF, 16.2 GPa).
Impaired balance control in individuals with GJL has been reported in a number of studies.
(262) Dr Westmore presented evidence in: R v Folbigg [2003] NSWSC 895 (24 October 2003); R v GJL [2009] NSWDC 167 (3 July 2009); R v Pope [2002] NSWSC 397 (7 May 2002); R v Rees [2012] NSWSC 922 (15 August 2012); R v RG [2006] NSWSC 21 (2 February 2006); R v Schoultz [2007] NSWSC 809 (27 July 2007).
Similarmente, el factor cubico fue encontrado empiricamente para ser la variacion mas eficiente, algunos de los valores, especificament gi1, gjl, gk1: y fi2, fj2, fk2, fi3, fj3 y fk3 difieren de los demas terminos por ser calculados en medio intervalo, por ejemplo en i + 1/2, esto es debido a su posicion en la malla, Sullivan (2000).
A pesar de ciertos estudios llevados a cabo con iguana negra de la region de Nizanda, Oaxaca (Arcos GJL, Cobos MA, Reynoso VH, Mendoza GD, Ortega ME, Clemente SF 2002.
Graham has worked in the trade for more than 30 years and owns his own firm, GJL Builders.
The following signs were used to assess generalized joint laxity (GJL): passively dorsiflex the 5th metacarpophalangeal joint to [greater than or equal to] 90[degrees], Oppose the thumb to the volar aspect of the ipisilateral forearm, hyperextend elbow to [greater than or equal to] 10[degrees], hyperextend knee to [greater than or equal to] 10[degrees], and place hands flat on the floor without bending the knees.
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