GJPGeorgia Justice Project (est. 1986)
GJPGemensamma Jordbrukspolitiken (Swedish: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
GJPGood Job Partner
GJPGu Jun Pyo (Boys over Flowers character)
GJPGlobal Justice and Peace (various organizations)
GJPGap Junction Protein
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Devyn Duffy volunteered for the GJP because he was unemployed: "My most useful talent is the ability to do well on tests, especially multiple-choice.
The forecasting websites themselves are part of the technology package: GJP has developed a survey platform, with a special emphasis on tools to assist team-based forecasting, and has worked with other vendors to enhance forecasting via prediction markets and a special platform designed for an experiment we're running in Year 4 to see how best we can elicit and aggregate forecasts on "continuous" outcomes (developing probability estimates for the entire range of dates during which an outcome of interest such as a negotiated end to a conflict might occur).
The GJP blogged in April that "for many geopolitical forecasting questions, we see promise in a human-machine hybrid approach that combines the best strengths of human judgments and statistical models.
De Weert-Van Oene GH, De Jong CAJ, Jorg F and Schrijvers GJP (1999): The Helping Alliance Questionnaire: Psychometric properties in patients with substance dependence.
Among the deals completed by RSM Tenon Corporate Finance in 2010 were the sale of Washington-based construction firm GJP Holdings to US-based RPM International Inc and the sale of Wearside-based Frank Jones chemists to Middlesbrough-based Knightingales.
We are not talking of a leisure facility for a few boats, or a "wharf" as the architects GJP and the Deaners are now calling it.
The workshop was organized by Community Appraisal and Motivation Programme (CAMP) in collaboration with UNDP and GJP.
Paulus - the airline WebJet, the hotel management company GJP and the advertising agency GP7 - were not included.
Engels RCME, Knibbe RA, De Vries H, Drop MJ, Van Breukelen GJP.
Like any conscientious defense attorney, GJP lawyers strive for substantive justice--vindication of the wrongfully accused and, for those found guilty, a sentence that is fair and appropriate.
Within my first few months of practicing law at GJP, I found myself in a packed courtroom.