GJSGlobal Japan Studies
GJSGreenwich Japanese School (Greenwich, CT)
GJSGold Juno Sword (computer game)
GJSGeorge James Software (Shepperton, Middlesex, UK)
GJSGold Jewel Settings (pocket watches)
GJSGulf Jazz Society (Panama City, FL)
GJSGlobal Justice Sydney (Australia)
GJSGap Junctional Subunits (pancreas)
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GJS executive director Frank Smyth believes safety training is critical for newsrooms, but he acknowledges most local news organizations cannot afford them.
Downregulation of Cx43 by siRNA transfection inhibited the formation of GJs and ablated the recovery of chloride efflux as well as the increment in transepithelial resistance.
There was evidence indicating the absence of GJs between neurons and glial cells in the mammalian CNS [31, 41, 42]; however, both electrical and dye coupling between Bergmann glial cells and Purkinje neurons has been observed in adult rats [43].
Kelly Abbott, CEO of GJS, says, "so many influencers are not corporations or publishers, writ large.
The gap junctions (GJs) are hemichannels, called connexons, each formed by six connexins.
They form a glial network and communicate through gap junctions (GJs), allowing passage of ions and small metabolites among adjacent cells.
Many CX32 mutations result in absence of functional channels; other mutants form functional channels with altered biophysical characteristics, for example, some mutations have reduced pore diameter which may prevent the diffusion of second messengers such as inositol triphosphate, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and Ca [sup]2+.[sup][19] Mutants in the C-terminal domain form functional GJs, but some channels may have lesser stability.[sup][20]
GJs are intercellular channels that allow ions, second messengers and small metabolites to be exchanged by adjacent cells.
Disruption of GJs is known to be associated with pathological states including arrhythmias in the heart and wound healing disturbances in the skin.
Las proteinas denominadas conexinas actuan como canales y permiten la comunicacion a traves de las brechas existentes entre los astrocitos y los oligodendrocitos, en la cubierta axonal de la mielina y en las capas compactas de mielina proximas a la region paranodal [14]a family of related proteins called connexins form gap junctions (GJs.