GJVGirls Junior Varsity (sports; various locations)
GJVGlobal Justice Volunteers
GJVGereformeerde Jongeren Vereniging (Dutch: Protestant youth-organizations)
GJVGuiding Jewish Values (Hillel School of Tampa; Tampa, FL)
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Golikov to GJV and ARP overlap so much in form and sculpture that we are unable to associate diagnostic shell traits with specific names.
Recent collections by one of us (GJV) suggests the possibility that a southern variant of N.
Information on most shell traits was compiled by ARP and GJV based upon shells in the Vermeij collection at the University of California, Davis.
11 September 2012 - Australian metals miner SolGold plc (LON:SOLG) said on Tuesday it had invited offers from potential buyers for its Guadalcanal joint venture (GJV) together with its partner NVL Solomon Islands Limited, a unit of US gold producer Newmont Mining Corp (NYSE:NEM).
SolGold said it views Solomon Islands as an area with potential for large mineral deposits and will continue to pursue opportunities here that would complement its portfolio.NVL is in charge of marketing the GJV, keeping SolGold up to date with the developments.The two companies will review any potential offer and decide on the next move based on that, they said.
The two partners set up the JV in April 2009.Country: Solomon IslandsSector: Metals/MiningTarget: Guadalcanal joint venture (GJV)Vendor: Newmont Mining Corp , SolGold plc , NVL Solomon Islands LimitedType: DivestmentStatus: Auction
Stock market reaction to two different types of FDIs, acquisitions and greenfield joint ventures (GJVs), has been analyzed in the literature.
Usually, only two members--the investing firm and a second partner, generally speaking, a local one--take part in GJVs.
On the other hand, when expanding abroad through GJVs, foreign firms do not need to enter into an equity position over the whole assets package of the local firm.
Initially, one would expect the stock market to value, those entry modes which allow the foreign firm to overcome the cultural gap between both countries, that is, GJVs and acquisitions, more positively.
When the cultural distance between the home and host countries is high, FDIs made through GJVs and total acquisitions will generate higher abnormal returns than those made using other entry modes.
In this respect, investing by means of GJVs may be particularly interesting when the firm has no previous experience in a host country and is in the first stages of the internationalization process.