GK2Gabriel Knight 2 (computer game)
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For owners of the Mantistek GK2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard who would rather keep their keystrokes-be it everything they type or just the numbers of times certain keys are hit-private, there are several options to block its software from sharing or recording information.
* GK2 lives at the mouth of the Maici River, an area with more frequent and sustained contact with speakers of Portuguese.
If I had a motorboat I could go there one day.' (GK2, interviewed by DE) (9)
'CIMI has now left, but I want it to come back.' (GK2, interviewed by DE)
Initial repellency levels, amounts extracted, and effects of extract reapplication were within the range of those for all other samples investigated here (Table 4), but for sample GK2, the initial number of C-H units in this soil is relatively high and a considerable proportion still remains after extraction (Table 5).
The pump was connected to a Slaton aluminum cassette (BGI Inc., Waltham, MA, USA) loaded with a 37-mm Teflon filter (2.0-[micro]m pore size; SKC Inc., Eighty Four, PA, USA) and attached downstream from a GK2.05 (KTL) cyclone with a 2.5-[micro]m aerodynamic-diameter cut point (BGI Inc.) when operated at 4 L/min [+ or -] 10%.
Exposure to fine particulate matter (particulate matter with a mass median aerodynamic diameter [less than or equal to] 2.5 [micro]m, P[M.sub.2.5]) was assessed using KTL cyclones (GK2.05SH; BGI Inc., Waltham, MA).