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GKAPGuanylate Kinase-Associated Protein
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(C) Glutamate receptors (AMPA receptor, NMDA receptor, and mGluR), postsynaptic scaffolding molecules (PSD-95, guanylate kinase-associated protein (GKAP), Shank, and homer), and postsynaptic adhesion molecules (neuroligin, leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein (LRRTM), synaptic adhesion-like molecule (SALM), and synCAM) and their organization in PSD.
Pin1 activity often translates to a fate-determining ubiquitination switch, and Pin1 may likewise affect the degree of ubiquitination in the degradation of PSD proteins (Figure 4) including PSD95, GKAP, Shank, and other proteins involved in the disruption of the PSD in AD [21, 28, 46, 47].
Kuma et al., "p38[gamma] regulates the localisation of SAP97 in the cytoskeleton by modulating its interaction with GKAP," EMBO Journal, vol.