GKLGacs-Kurdyumov-Levin (genetic rule)
GKLGreat Kingdom of Lithuania
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The GKL ranges from Monterey Bay, CA, to La Bocana, Baja California Sur Mexico between intertidal and rocky subtidal reefs down to 30 m (Morris et al.
The terminal taxa (H, I, J, E, F, K, and L) represent current breeding populations, the more inclusive monophyletic units (DHIJ, GKL, BEDHIJ, and CFGKL) represent a nested hierarchy of subspecies, and the whole tree represents the species.
Other than that involving GKL, he admitted to other charges and showed remorse.
Benninghoven has made what it describes as 'a quantum leap in mastic asphalt technology' with the launch of the GKL Silent - an asphalt mixer with no hydraulic components and thus a drastically reduced acoustic profile, allowing it to work at night and in sensitive areas.
According to GKL officials, the company recently decided to pick a consulting firm to study the economic feasibility of the cruise ship casino business, an unexplored tourism field here.
The GKL Joint Class Lottie of the Lnder intends, as the client, to award the services mentioned in the list of services (so-called managed services contract).