GKMGugus Kendali Mutu (Indonesian: Quality Control group; Indonesia)
GKMGroup Key Management (group communications)
GKMGlobal Keywords Manager (software)
GKMGeneral Knowledge Model (Knowledge Management Forum)
GKMGerard Klauer Mattison and Co. (New York, NY)
GKMGlobal Knowledge Management, Inc.
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Chan OPL, Teoh SCB, Tan CSH, Nah GKM, Rajagopalan R Prabhakar, Gupta MK, Chee CKL et al.
More recently, employing GKM theory Tymoczko uses a left action of W and defines new divided difference operators [Tym08].
GKM 001, a glucokinase modulator, will have a clear edge over existing approaches to type 2 diabetes, believes Dr.
This week, the High Court put Fingerpin, TDR and GKM into compulsory liquidation.
It was claimed that GKM was registered in the British Virgin Islands, although no company of that name has ever been registered there.
GKM expects toys and games based on such properties as Pokemon, Star Wars and Toy Story 2 to help drive 1999 industry sales (not including video games) to about $24 billion, up 6%-7% from 1998.
Just last week, Portman visited Fredon Corporation in Mentor and hosted a roundtable with local CEOs and business leaders, and he visited GKM Auto Parts and during the visit the company announced the decision to use their tax reform savings to reinstate healthcare coverage for their employees as a result of the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.
In this case, we construct the equivariant cohomology combinatorially using GKM theory [GKM],[KT],[T1].
Kayti and Arrisa are believed to have been with a 43-year-old white male and are thought to be using his green Renault 19, reg F890 GKM.