GKMGugus Kendali Mutu (Indonesian: Quality Control group; Indonesia)
GKMGroup Key Management (group communications)
GKMGlobal Keywords Manager (software)
GKMGeneral Knowledge Model (Knowledge Management Forum)
GKMGerard Klauer Mattison and Co. (New York, NY)
GKMGlobal Knowledge Management, Inc.
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Launched in 2017, GKM has provided bags and school supplies to students in 27 provinces throughout the country.
(3.) Chan OPL, Teoh SCB, Tan CSH, Nah GKM, Rajagopalan R Prabhakar, Gupta MK, Chee CKL et al.
With GKM theory the equivariant cohomology ring can be viewed as a subring of a product of polynomial rings: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] where each ring [H.sup.*.sub.T](pt) [congruent to] C[[[alpha].sub.i]: [[alpha].sub.i] [member of] [DELTA]].
GKM only marginally varied with FKM and GLKM and demonstrated a slightly superior predictive performance on the estimation of mineralization kinetics.
Os animais foram distribuidos de forma aleatoria por sorteio em tres grupos de igual numero e tratados, imediatamente apos a intubacao e 10 minutos antes do inicio da cirurgia, com cetaminae 2,5mg [kg.sup.-1] IM (GK), morfina (f) 0,5mg [kg.sup.-1] IM (GM) ou cetamina e morfina nas mesmas doses anteriores (GKM).
TPS has secured the certificates of Quality Management System of ISO 9001 : 2000, Food Security of HACCP and ISO 22000:2005, 5R, GKM and TPM.
Sukumar Puhan of the GKM College of Engineering and Technology and colleagues N.
Touting itself as a 'German company', Q&M is the agent for Stiebel gear drive units and GKM screening units for the GCC, and is the agent for Kleemann crushers in UAE and in Saudi Arabia.