GKPIGereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Protestant Christian Church)
GKPIGomberg Kite Productions International (Neotsu, OR)
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Members of the GKPI who wished to perform adat feasts to the accompaniment of the gondang and tortor were instructed to seek permission from the Church.
The present Order of Discipline of the HKBP was written in 1982 and that of the GKPI in 1987; each maintains the previous rules but makes some additional points.
The GKPI similarly requires that those who intend to perform adat feasts associated with traditional practices must request the Church's approval; every adat feast must begin and end with Christian practices.
The HKBP and the GKPI insist that those who disregard the regulations may be penalised, by the suspension of their Church membership, for example.