GKRSGeographic Knowledge Representation System
GKRSGrace Kennedy Remittance Services
GKRSGamma Knife Radio-Surgery (brain tumor treatment)
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The outcome of GKRS on astrocytomas is noted in Table 5.
The clinical and radiological outcome of GKRS on pituitary adenoma is described in Table 6.
The clinical outcome and predictive factors of GKRS in the patients with TGN is described in Table 8.
34 for determination of radiation dose-volume, and single fraction GKRS technique for entire cohort.
Taken together, given the good control of different tumor growth, obliteration of AVM nidus and trigeminal neuralgia pain, good overall and progression free survival rate, possible preservation of neurological functions, lesser number of complications, and improvement of quality of life, GKRS is an important treatment option for patients with different benign tumors, AVM and trigeminal neuralgia.
3%) Intracranial lesions treated by GKRS Vestibular Schwanomma 82 (9%) Meningioma 136 (14.