GKTGuilty Knowledge Test
GKTGeneral Knowledge Test
GKTGas-Kinetic Theory
GKTGono Kallyan Trust (Saturia, Bangladesh)
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MacLaren (2001) analyzed 50 experimental conditions included in 22 studies estimating the validity of the GKT with electrodermal measures.
There is another reason for the limited application of the GKT, which is that the criminal may forget the details of a crime due to emotional stress, confusion, inattention or intoxication during the crime (Kircher & Raskin, 1992).
Myers and Arbuthnot (1997) tested the influence of the result of the CQT and the GKT on the mock jurors' verdict so as to distinguish the effects of these two types of polygraph test on jurors' verdict.
In contrast, Myers and Arbuthnot (1997) showed that the conviction rates were not very different between three conditions, 51% for no-polygraph condition, 60% for CQT condition, and 58% for GKT conditions.
Hastalarin BDS, GKT Skor Ortalamalari, BDS ve GKT Arasindaki Ilisski
GKT ortalamasinin ise; yatista 50,93 [+ or -] 28,80, taburculukta 67,89 [+ or -] 25,11 oldugu ve farkin istatistiksel olarak anlamli (t=-14,57, p=0,001) oldugu saptandi.
Pearson korelasyon analizi sonucunda BDS ve GKT skalalari arasinda istatistiksel olarak guclu pozitif anlamli korelasyon saptandi (r=0,802, p=0,001).
Dengenin ust ve alt ekstremite motor fonksiyonlari ile iliskisini degerlendirmek uzere denge skalalari (yatis BDS ve yatis GKT) ile motor fonksiyonu degerlendiren skalalar (yatis BMIE ve yatis FAS) arasinda Spearman korelasyon analizi yapildi.
The major organic compounds obtained at maximum evolution temperatures during temperature-programmed pyrolysis of GKT I and BKT II are listed in Table 2.
The n-paraffins produced from GKT I and BKT II were classified by carbon number (Fig.
1-Olefins produced from GKT I and BKT II were classified by carbon number, and the results are given in Fig.
GKT boss Brendan Keown is a member of the congregation at the Bundoran church.