GKTWGive Kids the World
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That evening, approximately 600 people attended a banquet for GKTW with a silent auction and other fundraising efforts.
Insurance professionals do this every day as part of their jobs, and all of those who participated at GKTW as part of the WCEC volunteer effort demonstrated that insurers comprise individuals who have chosen this field because they care about improving the lives of not only their policyholders, but also those who are experiencing a wide variety of trials and challenges, and in some cases, literally fighting a battle that is life or death.
Despite spending the morning pulling weeds and trimming trees, I left GKTW with a permanent imprint on my heart.
Immediately afterward, I signed up to become an individual volunteer at GKTW.
Short and GKTW CEO Pamela Landwirth are now leading the effort on a $36 million expansion of the organization's facility.
Short's success in advancing GKTW is a testament to his having taken his role with the board seriously.
Everything included in a visit to these attractions is donated to GKTW by the attractions themselves.
GKTW has become an escape from the routine of doctors and hospitals.