GL1Gliese 1 (red dwarf star)
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Dye degradation procedure: the GL1, GL2 and GL3 nanocomposites were dispersed in distilled water and sonicated for 30 min to give 1 mg/mL suspension, respectively.
As shown in Figure 1(a), the SEM image of GL1 showed that only a few of spherical nanoparticles could be observed on GO surface.
Similarly, the same phenomena could be found in TEM images of GL1 and GL3, respectively.
Figure 4 showed the UV-vis spectra of MB, Rh, and MO solutions in presence of GL1, GL2, and GL3 under ultrasound irradiation, respectively.
The structural prior m markedly reduced streaking artifacts originating from the simulated lesion for GL2 (p = 9.22 x [10.sup.-7]), TV (p = 0.02), and GL1 (p = 0.04) as seen in Figure 1(a), which was also reflected in the reduced NRMSE (Figure 1(b)) and in the increased regression slopes more closely approaching 1 as seen in Figure 1(c).
The slopes of the regression analysis for GL2, MGL2, TV, MTV, GL1, and MEDI were 0.83, 0.92,0.89,0.94,0.89, and 0.96, respectively.
The difference is statistically significant (p = 6.37 x [10.sup.-3], 9.38 x [10.sup.-6], 2.52 x [10.sup.-3] for GL2, TV, and GL1, resp.) between methods with and without m.
The differences in overall image quality (Table 1 score for group 2) were statistically significant (p = 4.66x 10-2,1.89x 10-5,1.80x[10.sup.-4] for GL2, TV, and GL1, resp.) between reconstructions with and without structural consistency prior method when they are performed in group 2.
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