GL1Gliese 1 (red dwarf star)
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After the rain let up one day, he unthinkingly stuffed his damp fleece jacket into his daypack--next to his Canon GL1 video camera.
By adding the powerful hardware acceleration provided by the Diamond Fire GL1, our customers can take their modeling and rendering projects to a new level of productivity.
IBM Fire GL1 is the first-ever, fully-integrated, 256-bit OpenGL 3D, accelerated graphics port solution, and is optimized on the IntelliStation for advanced 3D.
This compares to the Diamond Fire GL1 in the Dell Precision Workstation 610 with an overall composite score of 2.
For more information about park homes generally, contact the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, Chichester House, 6 Pullman Court, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3ND.