GLAAGay and Lesbian Activists Alliance (Washington, DC)
GLAAGirls Leadership Academy of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
GLAAGreat Lakes Alpaca Association (est. 1995)
GLAAGreat Lakes Adventist Academy (Cedar Lake, MI)
GLAAGeneral Laws Amendment Act (Zimbabwe)
GLAAGreater London Arts Association (now Greater London Arts Board; England, UK)
GLAAGay/Lesbian Alcoholics Anonymous
GLAAGreat Lakes Alberg Association (Canada)
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Anyone who suspects slavery or trafficking offences can call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 or report suspicions to the GLAA on 0800 432 0804.
People like Varga exploit those under their control mercilessly - the GLAA will continue to work closely with partners to ensure these people don't go unpunished and that workers get what they're entitled to.
The new powers are working, multiple arrests have already been made, including for modern slavery offences, and I am confident that GLAA officers will continue to disrupt the unscrupulous criminals who exploit the most vulnerable.
The GLAA said it had particular focus on car washes as well as industries including cleaning, construction, manufacturing and warehouse working.
I would urge all labour providers - with or without GLAA Licences - to remain vigilant about their supply chains and recruitment practices so they too do not get caught out.
GLAA, however, called the piece "a dehumanizing (or at best disrespectful) characterization," citing the rifle of the piece as evidence that it sanctioned "adherence to prevailing misconceptions about gender.
In 2003, Hours volunteered more than 1,000 hours in the research and development of the "30 Years of GLAA.
I am a firm believer that the cornerstone to excellent leadership is to lead by example," said Pennington, who is serving her second term as GLAA President.
GLAA also adopted an inner-city elementary school, collecting hundreds of items, including notebooks, knapsacks, pencils, binders, crayons and glue for the children.
GLAA President Sheila Pennington, Senior Manager of Fogelman Management Co.
GLAA has a staff of two full-time employees and approximately 100 volunteers serving on 14 committees.
I am writing in regards to the CAMT [Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician] seminars being offered through the GLAA [Greater Lexington Apartment Association].