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GLADGlancing Angle Deposition (nanotechnology)
GLADGay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (Boston, MA)
GLADGreater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
GLADGuidance, Leadership and Direction
GLADGreater London Action on Disability (UK)
GLADGet Lost and Die
GLADGuided Language Acquisition Development
GLADGlacial Lakes Area Development (Britton, SD)
GLADGlenolabral Articular Disruption
GLADGreat Lakes Atmospheric Deposition
GLADGrenade Launcher Attachment Development
GLADGlobal African Diaspora Coalition
GLADGeographic Logistics Awareness Display
GLADGood Living Against Drugs (Detroit, MI)
GLADGoodman Lyrics Archive and Depository
GLADGradient Light Analytical Detector
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I'm glad, after all, that she didn't come to meet me; because now I've got HER still coming, and I've got you besides.
But I'm glad now we didn't have any of those nice things, 'cause I shall like Aunt Polly's all the better--not being used to 'em, you see.
Well, couldn't we say, `The hollyhock might have been glad to see the rain, but there was a weak little hollyhock bud growing out of its stalk and it was afraid that that might be hurt by the storm; so the big hollyhock was kind of afraid, instead of being real glad'?
Miss Dearborn looked puzzled as she answered, "Of course, Rebecca, hollyhocks could not be sorry, or glad, or afraid, really.
I know I was sulky sometimes, and I should have been glad to see these children sulky sometimes too; for then I could have understood them: but they never were, for they COULD not be offended, nor hurt, nor ashamed: they could not be unhappy in any way, except when they were in a passion.
Well, my girl, you are not easily discouraged, I see: I am glad of that.
are no mean assemblage: many will be glad to have so much in one instructor; and this time, you shall try your fortune in a somewhat higher family in that of some genuine, thoroughbred gentleman; for such are far more likely to treat you with proper respect and consideration than those purse-proud tradespeople and arrogant upstarts.
Glad informed the churchgoers that he was about to be transferred to another parish, this time farther north, at the Fernando de Rey Parish at Liloan, Cebu.
I'm glad to see her looking thoroughly miserable and in need of a good feed.
Not glad in a bah humbug all-that-money-and-it's- only a -day kind of way.
When I came home after a recent month abroad, my dad asked me, "So are you glad to be back?
Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, was also glad the UDC would begin the process to seriously consider expanding transportation Downtown.