GLAHGreat Lakes Aquatic Habitat
GLAHGreat Lakes Animal Hospital (Clinton Twp, MI)
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Although the survey did not request demographic data, annual data from fiscal year 2000 (October 1999 through September, 2000) on primary care patients in the GLAHS indicated that the average age of the patients was 61 years and that 97 percent of the patients were men.
Administrative data from VA GLAHS provided the average number of patients seen weekly in each of the four clinics (N = 289, 258, 184, and 69).
Table 3: Comparison of Need-Based, Actual, and Panel Models of Social Work Staffing for VA GLAHS Primary Care, FY 2000 FY 2000 VA GIAHS Primary Care Study-- Patient Need-Based Calculation Actual VA GIAHS Scenario 2 SW FTEE Primary Scenario 1 (moderate + in Clinic Care Clinic (high acuity) high acuity) FY 2000 Clinic 1 3.