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GLAIRGrounded Layered Architecture with Integrated Reasoning
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Form I and II male crayfish were paired against glair and non-glair female crayfish in agonistic bouts.
The white of an egg is called the glair - it comes from the Latin clarus, meaning clear.
/gl/--reflecting surfaces--glace, glacier, glair, glare, glass, glaze, gloss (Magnus, 1999:4-5).
This is further facilitated by the grounded layered architecture with integrated reasoning (GLAIR) agent architecture that specifies how an agent acquires beliefs about its own actions and percepts and how it has a sense of its own situatedness in the world.
With Sagar Arya (Antonio), Amarjit Bassan (Valentine, Second Officer), Paul Bazely (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Paul Bhattacharjee (Malvolio),Joanna Burnett (Servant to Olivia), Raaghav Chanana (Sebastian), Neil D'Souza (Fabian, Captain), Neha Dubey (Olivia), Kulvinder Glair (Feste), Shiv Grewal (Sir Toby Belch), Raza Jaffrey (Orsino), Shereen Martineau (Viola), Amit Shah (Curio, First Officer), Kish Sharma (Priest), and Harvey Virdi (Maria).