GLARGreater Lakes Association of Realtors
GLARGreater Louisville Association of Realtors (Louisville, KY)
GLARGross Lettable Area-Retail
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Nor less on either side tempestuous fell His arrows, from the fourfold-visag'd Foure, Distinct with eyes, and from the living Wheels, Distinct alike with multitude of eyes, One Spirit in them rul'd, and every eye Glar'd lightning, and shot forth pernicious fire Among th' accurst, that witherd all thir strength, And of thir wonted vigour left them draind, Exhausted, spiritless, afflicted, fall'n.
Like Glar-100, Glar-300 contains insulin Glar, a 21A-Gly modified mimic of the final intermediate of natural human insulin.
Efficacy and safety of insulin glulisine (GLU) and insulin lispro (IL), combined with insulin glargine (GLAR) in patients with type 1 diabetes.
contrabasse the head from the glar (e) eyes of passing vehiclets etc etc etc
A HEARTLESS bur glar ransacked the home of tragic telly newsreader Carol Barnes as she lay dying in hospital.
It happened at around 9.30am on Monday, October 6, when bur glars tried to break into a house in Barmoor Bank.
Heavy boxes have the benefit of being difficult for bur-r glars to steal, explained event promoter Duncan Phillips.
CILLA Black's son was attacked with a crowbar by three masked bur glars at her family home.