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Based on the results of the present laboratory study and previous observational (McKenzie et al., 2006) and training (Glaros & Janelle, 2001) studies, the effect of variety also may extend to physical activity participation.
Level 3 1988;68:1866-1873 * The levels of evidence are based on Sackett's ranking method (Glaros, 2003).
Glaros); and the Department of Radiology, Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics and The University of Missouri-Kansas City (Dr.
You learned what true friendship and courage are through the late Alex Glaros and his battle with cancer.
Manufacturers that initially balked at letting their software reside on non-proprietary hardware are adapting to accommodate the new requirements, says Greg Glaros, president of Synexxus Inc., an Arlington, Va-based firm that developed a data distribution system that has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan aboard vehicles operated by explosive ordnance disposal teams.
For example, sEMG biofeedback has recently been used to treat temporomandibular disorders (e.g., Crider, Glaros, Gevirtz, 2005), fecal incontinence (e.g., Dannecker, Wolf, Raab, Hepp, Anthuber, et al., 2005), muscle tension headaches (e.g., Grazzi, Andrasik, D'Amico, Leone, Moschiano, Bussone, 2001) and stroke-related dysphagia (e.g., Crary, Carnaby, Groher, Helseth, 2005).
For my 2006-2008 term in office I have appointed two ad hoc committees: a pedagogy committee (Kathryn Barnes-Burroughs, chair) and a private studio/collegiate studio liaison committee (Jo Ella Todd and Pamela Glaros, cochairs).
Glaros, a transformation strategist at the Pentagon's Office of Force Transformation, which oversees Stiletto, believes composites can be used to quickly and economically build such ships.