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Leader-subordinate relationship studies have indicated profuse affection exchange in the dyadic relationship (Amabile et al., 2004; Basch & Fisher, 1998; Dasborough, 2006; Glaso & Einarsen, 2006; Parkes, 1986; Tschan et al., 2010).
As previous studies tended to focus on a few preselected emotions (e.g., Baron, 1988; Mitchell, 2010) or to aggregate emotions (e.g., Glaso & Einarsen, 2006) to a composite for data analysis, this current study examines each affective events and each emotion separately.
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Over the past 20 years, research has indicated that victims of workplace bullying suffer considerable psychological pain such as lowered self-esteem, lowered work performance, sleep disorders, negative self-image, loss of friends and peers, loss of concentration, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression (Vie, Glaso, & Einarsen, 2011).
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From a review of literature survey of various authors (Standing, 1962, Glaso, 1980, Al-Marhoun, 1988, Labedi, 1990, Al-Shammasi, 2001, etc.), it is observed that the best suited correlation for oil formation volume factor, Bo, is that of A.A.
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En resumen, este enfoque permitiria un abordaje indirecto del acoso psicologico con miras a una evaluacion mas bien preventiva, sin dejar de ser crucial en el esclarecimiento de la relacion existente entre la exposicion a conductas de intimidacion y la salud (Vie, Glaso, & Einarsen, 2011).