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GLASSGlobally Accessible Services
GLASSGMPLS Lightwave Agile Switching Simulator
GLASSGay Lesbian and Straight Supporters
GLASSGlobal Land Atmosphere System Study
GLASSGeorgia Library for Accessible Services
GLASSGay & Lesbian Adolescent Social Services
GLASSGay, Lesbian, and Allies Senate Staff Caucus
GLASSGermanium Lithium Argon Scanning System
GLASSGay Lesbian and Straight Spectrum
GLASSGod Loves All Saints and Sinners (band)
GLASSGreat Lakes Area Spirit Society (Wisconsin)
GLASSGeneralized Lattice Analysis Subsystem
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But all in vain, and for seven years the Princess had sat now and waited for some one to scale the Glass Mountain.
But the queen, now that she thought Snowdrop was dead, believed that she must be the handsomest lady in the land; and she went to her glass and said:
"That man Glass?" repeated the priest in some perplexity.
suddenly Sonya pushed away the glass she was holding and covered her eyes with her hand.
You will always be the same size--and the same saucy, inconsiderate Glass Cat, with pink brains and a hard ruby heart."
She approached the casket and after leaning her face against the cold glass for a moment was gently led to a seat near her daughter.
how nice it would be if we could only get through into Looking- glass House!
Colonel Killigrew all this time had been trolling forth a jolly bottle song, and ringing his glass in symphony with the chorus, while his eyes wandered toward the buxom figure of the Widow Wycherly.
"In fact," said D'Artagnan, "you saw yourself in the glass; but where did they find one in which you could see your whole figure?"
He wriggled instantly to his feet and grasping the quiet stranger's beer glass from the bar, hurled it at Pete's head.
They seemed to be falling right into the middle of a big city which had many tall buildings with glass domes and sharp-pointed spires.
This person--so Nicholas observed in the same glance at the mirror which had enabled him to see his face--was standing with his back to the fire conversing with a younger man, who stood with his back to the company, wore his hat, and was adjusting his shirt-collar by the aid of the glass. They spoke in whispers, now and then bursting into a loud laugh, but Nicholas could catch no repetition of the words, nor anything sounding at all like the words, which had attracted his attention.