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GLBGay Lesbian Bisexual
GLBGemeenschappelijk Landbouwbeleid (Dutch: Common Agricultural Policy/ European Commission, aka: CAP)
GLBGlobal Load Balancer
GLBGramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
GLBGreatest Lower Bound (mathematics)
GLBGel Loading Buffer
GLBGoal Line Blitz (sports radio show)
GLBGeneric Logic Block (computing)
GLBGhana Library Board
GLBGreat Lakes Bulletin (Michigan Land Use Institute)
GLBGurulakshmi Builders
GLBGlobal Load Balancers
GLBGlulam Beam (glulam is glued laminated timber)
GLBGeek Life Blog (new technology website)
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As standard, the GLB comes with five seats; however, buyers are able to upgrade this to a seven-seater layout should they need a little more passenger space.
The automaker has not revealed pricing for either the GLB 250 or the GLB 35, however, the GLB 250 is likely to be priced in the mid USD30,000 to low USD40,000 range, while the GLB 35 is likely to cost around USD50,000.
Performance figures for the GLB 200 Sport are 0 to 62 mph in 9.1 seconds, a 129 mph top speed, with fuel economy from 47.1 mpg and emissions from 138 g/km CO2.
2) and peaked at 81.7 [+ or -] 3.2 in April 2016 at MLV, 85.1 [+ or -] 2.2 in January 2016 at GLB, and at 85.1 [+ or -] 2.4 in December 2016 at MRN.
Exposure was accomplished via gay and lesbian peer panel discussions and GLB guest speakers.
* Two-thirds of those who purchase variable annuity with GLB rider are between the ages of 56 and 70
32.1% of heterosexual students 34.6% of students not sure of their sexual identity 40.5% of GLB students
Zeno Tango explained that CAHG company is the largest company working in the field of agriculture with annual revenues totaled to 1.5 billion dollars, pointing to the entry of his company with the GLB company in at an amount of 140 million dollars in the field of agricultural investment in Sudan.
The contract was signed by Ibrahim J al-Othman, GDI chief executive officer and Hans Simons, GLB chairman.
We use b [member of] [v, w) as the buyback credit, [beta] [member of] [0,1) as the manufacturer's sharing fraction of the retailer's gain, and [gamma] [member of] [0,1) as the manufacturer's sharing fraction of the retailer's loss under settings with a GLB contract.
Lebanese farmland investor GLB Invest plans to invest up to $800 million in Sudan to produce animal feed to be sold to Saudi Arabia, its president said on Tuesday.
Last month, we explored the recent trend of variable annuity (VA) insurers deciding that they no longer want to be obligated to the "shadow" value guarantees that are offered through their products' guaranteed living benefit (GLB) and/or guaranteed death benefit (GDB) riders.