GLBMGround-Launched Ballistic Missile
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Singlepoint Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Global MAINTECH Corporation, a publicly held company trading under the symbol GLBM, consists of two divisions.
All of these multiplicative model forms are special cases of the General Linear-Bilinear Model (GLBM) (Cornelius and Seyedsadr, 1997).
For SHMM (an unbalanced GLBM) the least squares solution is [Beta] = [y.sub....] - [[Sigma].sub.k] [[Lambda].sub.k] [[Alpha].sub.k] [[Gamma].sub.k] where [[Alpha].sub.k] = [g.sup.-1] [[Sigma].sub.i] [[Alpha].sub.ik], [[Gamma].sub.k] = [e.sup.-1] [[Sigma].sub.j] [[Gamma].sub.jk] with [[Lambda].sub.k], [[Alpha].sub.ik] and [[Gamma].sub.jk] constituting the kth component of the SVD of matrix Z = [[z.sub.ij]], where [z.sub.ij] = [y.sub.ij].