GLDDGreat Lakes Dredge Dock
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For the project, GLDD deployed two of its dredgers, the Ellis Island and Liberty Island.
As part of the project, GLDD will have to carry out dredging of about 3.3 million m3 (4.3 million yd3) of material, in addition to the dredging of a material-offloading and tug-mooring basin as well as extension of an existing turning basin in the La Quinta Channel.
GLDD has revealed that the dredged materials will be put into a nearby upland beneficial use site.
GLDD has secured quite a few contracts in recent times, while the export terminal being the latest.
GLDD has secured a contract worth USD134.5 million in March this year to commence work to extend the Port of Savannah to help the facility accommodate bigger container vessels, which will start using the Panama Canal after the opening of its new locks, slated for the next year.
Additionally, GLDD mentioned that it will pursue all rights and remedies available to it under the contract, and it is also in discussions with other shipyards to proceed with the vessel's construction.
he US$31.6 million option, which was awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District, brings the total value of GLDD s contract to more than US$205.7 million.
GLDD added that it expects an award of a further USD27.3m in 2013 for work on the project, which is the last phase of a comprehensive plan to deepen the ports, by the Army Corps of Engineers.
With this $31.6 million option the total value of GLDD s contract raise to over $205.7 million.
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (GLDD) has received an option worth US$51.9 million for the Miami Harbor Deepening Project from the US Army Corps of Engineers - Jacksonville District.
The option will bring the total worth of GLDD's Miami contract up to US$174.1 million.
Further, under the second coastal restoration project awarded in the last 12 months GLDD will reclaim riverine sand from the Mississippi River sources and restore the shoreline dune system and with materials reclaimed from offshore sources an intertidal back barrier marsh area will be constructed behind the dune system, the company said.