GLDLGreat Lakes Dive Locker (Grand Rapids, MI)
GLDLGlycated Low-Density Lipoprotein
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Other modified forms of LDL, such as oxLDL, acLDL, and gLDL, were used for antibody testing.
Cross-reactivity of anti-CLDL antibody to gLDL, acLDL, and oxLDL, evaluated by indirect ELISA, was extremely low (ratios, 380 for CLDL/gLDL, 810 for CLDL/acLDL, and 2630 for CLDL/ oxLDL).
Several chemically modified forms of LDL have been reported since the 1970s: acLDL (21, 45), gLDL (46, 47), oxLDL (20,41), and cLDL (8,11,27).
NHTSA defines a BAC [greater or equal]0.01 g/dL but[less or equal] 0.09 gldL as a low alcohol level.
In 1982, a BAC [greater or equal] 0.10 gldL (i.e., intoxication) was detected in 20% of the drivers involved in fatal pedestrian crashes, compared with 39% of the fatally injured pedestrians.