GLDSGreat Lakes Data Systems, Inc.
GLDSGreen Light Driving School (various locations)
GLDSGray Level Difference Statistics (algorithm)
GLDSGround Laser Designator System
GLDSGeneral Dynamic Land Systems
GLDSGrande Loge de Savoie (French: Grand Lodge of Savoy; Masonic lodge)
GLDSGas Leak Detection System (safety product)
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We so often get requests for law books, and do not receive enough donations to cater for the high demand, so GLDs donations are really vital for so many of our partners.
Calix has pursued a software defined access vision for a decade, and the new benchmark established by GLDS demonstrates how AXOS is redefining the access network.
GLDS owners Trevor Bailey and Geoffrey Evans worked on the 14th century property between June 2005 and June 2006.
Most of these variables were from the GLDS (16), the PFTS (11), and the CDS (8) (Bowie & Hancock, in press).
Klein News Co., Cleveland, is also chairman of GLDS. He says that besides permitting better order regulation, one of the advantages of sophisticated data is that "for a new store we can set up the mainline pretty much the way it should be rather than adjusting as the months go by."
GLDs Commercial Law Group helps clients with some of the largest and most complex transactions across government and tries to get the best possible deals when buying goods and services for the public sector.
GLDS's Trevor Bailey, from nearby Dunstable, said: "We did pounds 77,000 worth of work.
Im really pleased that GLD lawyers can be involved in projects like this.
GLDs commercial lawyers played an important part in the development of this major programme, working closely with DWP and commercial colleagues to steer the department through the legal risks and produce the necessary legal documentation.
Siew Loke joined GLDs litigation group 2 years ago after 10 years in Chambers.
Tenders are invited for Gas Leak Detection System (GLDS)
Verimatrix is providing a multi-network content security platform, integrating with other ecosystem partners like Harmonic, Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), Technicolor and Castlenet, to Wananchi to help planned OTT services.