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GLEANGOMS Language Evaluation and Analysis
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The field near by had been denuded of its crop some time before, and had a skinned look, so exhaustively had it been har- vested and gleaned. Fences, sheds, everything had a ruined look, and were eloquent of poverty.
It could scarcely be called a trade, in spite of his favourite description of himself as "a honest tradesman." His stock consisted of a wooden stool, made out of a broken-backed chair cut down, which stool, young Jerry, walking at his father's side, carried every morning to beneath the banking-house window that was nearest Temple Bar: where, with the addition of the first handful of straw that could be gleaned from any passing vehicle to keep the cold and wet from the odd-job-man's feet, it formed the encampment for the day.
After a time the number were brought in, though it was evident they were not any of the skins that had been stolen, but others gleaned in the village.
She did not know what it was all about, but she saw that Rokoff was very angry, and from bits of conversation which she could translate she gleaned that there had been further desertions while he had been absent, and that the deserters had taken the bulk of his food and ammunition.
From the women's pages of the Sunday supplements, and from the women's magazines in the free reading room two blocks away, she gleaned many idess for the preservation of her looks.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces has arrested three men suspected of using card reading devices to glean credit and debit account information at ATMs to steal money, an ISF statement reported Monday.
has signed an agreement with Glean Corporation to accelerate its product distribution in Japan, the company said.
Mr Glean, programme leader for digital film production and senior lecturer in video and new media, said: "To have the best student film in the country should fill everyone with pride; I am so very proud of those students and what they have managed to achieve."
In 2004, several artists in Los Angeles started, a Web site that maps fruit trees in public places for individuals to glean. The idea has caught on in other cities, like Oakland, CA (the Forage Oakland project) and Portland, OR (Urban Edibles).
Considering developmental theories and information gleaned from previous wars is helpful in establishing best practice methods for counseling adolescents during times of current and future international conflict.
Gleaned largely from criminal interrogation records, it seems likely that the nicknames reflect the values of the criminal milieu more than they express solidarity with social outsiders within popular culture at large.
The reading of resistance sees the text as so steeped in patriarchy that little if anything can be gleaned from it other than to study it as yet another example of the religious tradition's suppression of women.