GLEHGay Lesbian Elder Housing (California)
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The new affordable housing development is sponsored by GLEH, in tandem with partner agencies including its project development partner McCormack Baron Salazar.
The shared goal of GLEH LA and GLEH is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that supports the well-being of GLBT older adults.
In October, 2005, GLEH and its development partners began building the nation's first nonprofit, affordable, multicultural housing development that includes a community service center supporting the needs of GLBT elders, both residents and non-residents.
I am grateful to the GLEH LA Board of Directors for allowing me the chance to direct this very important social services program.
GLEH LA was formed to be the Managing General Partner of the partnership which developed, owns and will operate the facility and its social services center.
GLEH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and operating high-quality affordable, non-discriminatory residential communities with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) older-adult recreational and social service centers.
We are very excited to have Mark join our agency and take the helm at this critical juncture in our development," said GLEH Board of Directors Chair Carolyn Dye.
Supper replaces former GLEH Executive Director, Brian Neimark, who was with the organization from its inception.
I am grateful to the GLEH board of directors for allowing me the chance to lead the organization through the next phase of its expansion.