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GLEIGreat Lakes Environmental Indicators
GLEIGeorgia Leadership Evaluation Instrument
GLEIGreat Lakes Earth Institute (Newburg, WI)
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Despite the challenges of rival industry players, Glei remains optimistic.
"Research shows having your email programme open in the background as you work decreases performance," says Glei. "Even if it's minimised, if you can see new emails coming in your brain knows they're there and devotes a certain amount of energy monitoring them." She suggests avoiding this by either closing down your email outside your set "checking" times, or positioning your screen so you can't see it.
Fruhe mittelalterliche Kommentare zu O qui perpetua mundum ratione gubernas, in Boethius Christianus?, eds Glei, Kaminski, and Lebsanft, pp.
The literature suggests a variety of explanatory factors for teen pregnancy and births--poverty is among those most frequently cited as contributory influences (Moore, Glei, Driscoll, Zaslow, and Redd, 2002; Maynard 1996; Klepinger et al., 1995).
Glei, 10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus, 99U, /6969/10-Online-Tools-for-Better-Attention-Focus (last visited Feb.
At the beginning of the Twentieth Century in Italy, the gap in male-female life expectancy was 0.3 years: 43.2 years for women, 42.9 for men; it widened (in Italy as in most industrialised countries) during the first three quarters of the Nineteenth Century (Rigby & Dorling, 2007) and, since the 1970s, narrowed, although with differences in the various countries (Glei & Horiuchi, 2007).
I am indebted to Burkhard Niederhoff, Uwe Klawitter, Reinhold Glei, Luuk Houwen, Hans-Jurgen Diller, Anthony Ellis, and the anonymous Comparative Drama reviewers for their helpful comments.
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Worshippers gathered at St John the Evangelist in Cilybebyll - the church closest to where Thursday's disaster at the Glei on Colliery happened.