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Still, Glein cautions that the default hypothesis is that Enceladus lacks any kind of life.
"Our research suggests that Pluto's initial chemical makeup, inherited from cometary building blocks, was chemically modified by liquid water, perhaps even in a subsurface ocean," Glein said.
"This research builds upon the fantastic successes of the New Horizons and Rosetta missions to expand our understanding of the origin and evolution of Pluto," said Glein. "Using chemistry as a detective's tool, we are able to trace certain features we see on Pluto today to formation processes from long ago.
If there is hydrothermal activity, Glein says, Cassini could detect molecular hydrogen in Enceladus' water plumes.
Even in the absence of high temperatures, Glein says, the interaction of the different chemical environments at a water-rock boundary creates a source of energy that organisms can tap into.
Already twice a supreme Welsh breeds champion this season, she added a third at Bethesda before being pipped by Glein Aur in the all-breeds final.
At Tribune Ventures, Tribune Co.'s strategic investment arm, Randall Glein has been named vice president.
"We've developed what we call 'the giant comet' cosmochemical model of Pluto formation," Christopher Glein of SwRI's Space Science and Engineering Division said in a ( statement.
Christopher Glein of the University of Toronto and colleagues used data from the Cassini mission to estimate pH.
In addition Randy Glein, managing director at DFJ Growth, will have an observer's seat on Yammer's board of directors.