GLEPGreat Lakes Education Program
GLEPGreat Lakes Estate Planning (Great Lakes, IL)
GLEPGentoo Linux Enhancement Proposal (project)
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But that bill fell apart in the statehouse, with much of the blame laid at the feet of DeVos and GLEP. After tense negotiations, a successor bailout bill was passed and enacted in July 2016, one that did not include the DEC.
GLEP executive director Gary Naeyaert criticized the proposal as "anti-choice" with "czar-like power" that would take decisionmaking away from families and place it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.
This prompted the founding of GLEP, which focuses on academic quality and accountability in Michigan schools, in addition to expanding school choice.
In her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, she pointed to Florida as the great school-choice success story because of its "strong focus on offering high-quality options as a fundamental part of the choice program." GLEP's executive director Gary Nayeart put it more bluntly: "anyone who thinks Michigan is the model is smoking something."
What has been most rewarding in working with the GLEP program?
He had actually remembered from last February, when I'd asked the GLEP participants to save the clippings when they had their hair cut.
Now a recreational therapist at the Wartburg Adult Care Community in Mount Vernon, N.Y., Hill works with participants in the Geriatric Life Empowerment Project (GLEP), a state-funded pilot program designed to enhance quality of life for nursing home residents with mild to moderate dementia.
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