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GLFGeneral Language Framework
GLFGeneral Level Framework
GLFGay Liberation Front
GLFGreat Leap Forward (economic program launched in 1958 by Mao Zedong)
GLFGolden Leaf Foundation (North Carolina)
GLFGovernment Leaders Forum
GLFGrande Loge de France (French Freemasonry)
GLFGroup Looking For (gaming, Guild Wars)
GLFGas Log Fire (real estate)
GLFGlobal Liberation Front (gaming)
GLFGrange League Federation
GLFGnome Liberation Front
GLFGreat Lakes Forever (Chicago, IL)
GLFGolfito, Costa Rica - Golfito (Airport Code)
GLFGreyhound and Lurcher Fundraising (charity fundraising)
GLFGothic Liberation Front
GLFGovernor's Leadership Foundation (Australia)
GLFGround Level Fall
GLFGraphic Layers Framework
GLFGain-Loss Factor
GLFGlobal Lost and Found
GLFGeneralized Largest First (ordering)
GLFGlobal Listing Format
GLFGumby LAN Fest
GLFGreater London Fostering
GLFGUST (Gulf University for Science and Technology) Logistics Forum (Kuwait)
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Already this year, Gonzalez said, his region witnessed 135 murders, adding that the day before the start of the GLF a local leader was killed in front of a nine-year-old boy.
CSG will leverage its expertise in interconnect and wholesale to help the GLF identify ways the technology can facilitate rapid and cost-efficient wholesale settlement between carriers and their partners as they deliver all types of services to their customers.
GL CEO Tatsuya Konoshita on Monday announced the agreement between GLF and Bajaj dealers.
The successful experience of the community based pasture management in Kyrgyzstan raised a lot of interest and was widely discussed at the GLF.
While the original two carriers are now using live data to verify and settle traffic, other members of the GLF have also seized the opportunity to get involved in the initiative, with the aim being to soon expand the bilateral testing between Colt and PCCW Global to encompass a multilateral series of relationships among the wholesale telecommunications industry as a whole.
The Code of Conduct was launched by the GLF in partnership with i3forum in March 2018.
Preparation of Phenolic Rich Fractions from Aqueous Extracts of GLM and GLF. Phenolic rich fractions were prepared from GLMaq and GLFaq by solvent fractionation technique using diethyl ether and ethyl acetate.
International matters were a major focus during the GLF, with discussions on international contracts and global litigation.
The current Chairman of GLF is Nobel Lauriat President F W de Klerk, he together with President Nelson Mandela was responsible for the abolition of apartheid in South Africa.
The CEC was consistently higher in the topsoil than the subsoil under SFT; the reverse was true under GLF and BFP.
The Grosvenor Liverpool Fund (GLF) bought 52-78 Lord Street from retail property rival Land Securities.