GLFEAGreat Lakes Fabricators and Erectors Association (Southfield, MI)
GLFEAGreat Lakes Fruit Exporters Association (Benton Harbor, MI)
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However, upon supplementation with GLMph, GLMdee, GLFph, GLFdee, and GLFea, cell viability was observed to be substantially improved.
It was discerned that GLFea and GLFph fractions imparted maximum cytoprotective action by revamping HEK 293 cellular viability to 75% and 67.52%, respectively, at optimal doses of 50 [micro]g/mL.
GLMph (100 [micro]g/ml), GLMdee (75 [micro]g/ml), GLFph (50 [micro]g/ml), GLFdee (100 [micro]g/ml), and GLFea (50 [micro]g/ml) improved cellular viability to 57%, 65.5%, 67.52%, 58.73%, and 75%, under hypoxia.