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GLHPGround Loop Heat Pump
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The full-load and part-load ELTs for ground loop heat pumps (GLHPs) are appropriate for cold-climate residential applications but not optimal for most commercial systems, and moderateor warm-climate residential systems.
Fan Heat penalty computed with 0 ESP Ground Loop (GLHP) ARI 330 ISO 13256 EWTc 77[degrees]F 77[degrees]F (25[degrees]C) EWTh 32[degrees]F 32[degrees]F (0[degrees]C) EATc(Wb) 80/67[degrees]F 66.2(19[degrees]C) EATh 70[degrees]F 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) Part-Load 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) Part-Load 41[degrees]F (5[degrees]C) The ground loop heat pump (GLHP) conditions reflect operating conditions of a cold climate residential closed-loop system and are not appropriate for typical commercial applications.
If the optimum loop temperatures are less than 86[degrees]F (30[degrees]C) in cooling and 50[degrees]F (10[degrees]C) in heating, interpolation using ratings at the GLHP conditions of 77[degrees]F (25[degrees]C) and 32[degrees]F (0[degrees]C) are possible.