GLICGerber Life Insurance Company (Fremont, MI)
GLICGuardian Life Insurance Company of America (est. 1860; various locations)
GLICGay Lesbian Info Centre (Serbia)
GLICGenworth Life Insurance Company (various locations)
GLICGovernment-Linked Investment Company (Malaysia)
GLICGreeley-Loveland Irrigation Company (Colorado)
GLICGeneral Ledger Identification Code
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The boys also had to give a presentation on an engineering project they had been involved in and were able to draw on their experience as part of Wallace Hall's prizewinning Glic robotics team.
Genworth has announced it is no longer pursuing a proposed unstacking of GLAIC from GLIC. The unstacking had previously been a condition of the merger agreement under which Oceanwide committed to contributing $525 million and Genworth committed an additional $175 million of its own funds to GLIC to transfer ownership of GLAIC from GLIC to another unit of Genworth.
In addition, at or before the closing of the merger transaction, GLAIC will purchase from GLIC an existing promissory note with an outstanding principal amount of USD 200m that is owed by Genworth Holdings, Inc.
"Genworth and [China Oceanwide] have stated that they will continue to work with the department to respond to its outstanding inquiries and information requests focused on Delaware's separate statutory and regulatory requirements, including assuring that any proposed transaction is fair to GLIC's policyholders and the public and that the surviving long-term care company is sufficiently solvent," Delaware officials say in their Genworth deal status update.
Genworth has been trying to change the relationship of its GLIC and GLAIC units.
Decorridos 10 minutos apos a suplementacao, foi realizada uma segunda avaliacao da glicemia (Glic. 10min.) para que se pudesse iniciar o primeiro combate da serie.
Diabetic rats received the antidiabetic agent metformin (Met, 210 mg/kg BW, i.g) (Group III) or gliclazide (Glic, 37 mg/kg BW i.g) (Group IV), or TNTL (0.63 g/kg BW i.g.
Dwi''n deall fod yna glic bach ceidwadol yng Nghaerdydd sydd yn byw ar gorn yr iaith Gymraeg ac sy''n credu fod popeth yn iawn fel ag y mae, ond ron i dan yr argraff mai rhyw griw bach iawn oedden nhw.
Besthaswhiphandthistime At the other end of the scale, Jackie Du Plessis has made more of a quickfire start to her training career as Fear Glic became her fourth success under rules since she took out a licence six months ago in the 2m6f maiden hurdle.
NEWTON ABBOT: 6.30 Fear Glic, 7.05 Kapdor, 7.35 Sublime Talent, 8.10 Dineur, 8.45 Tuskar Rock, 9.15 Sahrati.
Irish import Fear Glic made a pleasing British debut here in May, and ought to go close in the In Memory of Peter (Mr Kipling) Burns Maiden Hurdle at Newton Abbot.
Gazettebet: 4.00 Cut the Cackle BRIGHTON: Naomi Matthew: 2.15 Bookiesindex Boy, 2.45 Kicken Off, 3.15 Homeboy, 3.45 Whiteoak Lady, 4.15 Ryedale Lass, 4.45 Wind Star, 5.15 Warbond, 5.45 Hawk Moth Gazettebet: 3.15 Clear Spring NEWTON ABBOT: Naomi Matthew: 6.30 Fear Glic, 7.05 Douglas, 7.35 Nobunaga, 8.10 Knight In Purple, 8.45 Run Along Boy, 9.15 Sahrat Gazettebet: 6.30 Special Account NEWBURY: Naomi Matthew: 6.20 Isdaal, 6.55 Moonlit Dancer, 7.25 Strictly Silca, 8.00 SHENA'S DREAM (NAP), 8.35 Amber Silk, 9.05 Whitecrest Gazettebet: 8.35 Shestheman