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Glider kits are a way for truck owners to buy a new truck with a remanufactured engine, often at a significant discount from a new truck and engine combination.
Despite huge leaps in the design and performance of gliders, with modern gliders typically being of shiny white carbon fibre and fibreglass, the wooden and fabric-covered airframes of earlier eras continue to be in use.
The AugustaWestland AW109 helicopter - nicknamed Heir Force One - was 4,400ft above the ground when the co-pilot saw a glider directly overhead flying in the same direction.
Volunteers who worked on the glider at RAF Shawbury had hoped it would go on public display, perhaps at the RAF Museum at Cosford.
A police spokesman said: "North Wales Police were contacted yesterday evening when a glider failed to return as planned.
On Sunday aNorth Wales Policespokesman said: "We were contacted yesterday evening (Saturday, May 4) when a glider failed to return as planned.
While waiting for further help, the first mountain rescue members had found the crashed glider. A technical rope rescue kit was then used to lower the pilot on a stretcher below the cloud level.
A glider on a similar journey, taking place a few miles farther north, finds itself resisting a soft northward flow to maintain its path.
The crash would be a setback for the US Army's glider program, which had been plagued by accidents from the outset.
The research project is concerned with the development of a multi-use hydroprobe called Wave Glider, which can be operated autonomously in seawater and oceans using wave energy and solar energy for monitoring and collecting water samples.'
EPA's 2016 Phase 2 rule, aimed at reducing heavy-duty truck emissions while increasing miles per gallon requirements, included a provision to limit the use of glider kits for truck refurbishment.