GLIERGreat Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (University of Winsdor; Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
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On the basis of this information, Rick and Aaron Fisk, leader of the OTN team in Resolute and professor at GLIER, arranged to have Peter send a sample of the bones to the A.E.
"I remember, it was one of the most unique places," Glier says over the phone from his apartment in Northampton, Mass.
(334) See Schwarz, Silence, supra note 62; see also Glier, Church,
Glier describes setting himself up to be "just a little uncomfortable, like using a rough sponge to abrade the skin to become more sensitive" as he planned and executed a journey that began in 2007, in an Inuit village on the Arctic tundra.
Mike Glier's ALONG A LONG LINE (9781555953195, $60.00) pairs lovely color images with text by Mike Glier, Lisa Corrin and Carol Diehl, displaying Glier's paintings of nature and the outdoors and accompanying his works with poetic descriptions from an internet blog kept by the artist.
Luis Antonio de Avila (I)* Diogo Machado Cezimbra (II) Enio Marchesan (I) Sergio Luiz de Oliveira Machado (III) Martin Pasini (II) Claudio Glier (II) Rafael Bruck Ferreira (II)
Students are welcome to hook up with the Citizens Environment Alliance, the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup, FedUp Windsor, ScaleDown Windsor, Green GLIER (Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research), and the Essex Region Conservation Authority.
Christina Smeaton, MCIC, is currently working towards a PhD at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) at the University of Windsor.
Jordan, F.L., Glenn, E.P., Glier, J.C., McKeon, C.A., and Waugh, W.J