GLILGays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty
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The company said the equity stake owed by Greencoat UK Wind and GLIL will reduce to 30% - with SSE holding 70% - once a 172.
8MW extension to Clyde is commissioned (currently under construction, completion expected in June 2017) the equity stake jointly owned by UKW and GLIL will be diluted to 30% with SSE retaining 70%.
Martin Pibworth, SSEs Managing Director, Wholesale, said: We are pleased to confirm the sale of a stake in our flagship Clyde wind farm to UKW and GLIL.
GLIL YAM, Israel -- Pontis Ltd, a developer of software marketing systems for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), today announced that it has secured a total of $19,650,000 in equity financing.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2017-SSE to Sell Further Stake in Scottish Windfarm to Greencoat, GLIL Infrastructure
to Greencoat UK Wind Plc and GLIL Infrastructure LLP, the company said.
8mw extension began, the equity stake in Clyde jointly owned by UKW and GLIL would be diluted to 30% with SSE retaining 70%.
AUSTIN, Texas & GLIL YAM, Israel -- Emergent Technologies Inc.