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WILL Simon Glinn keep his job as director of Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall, even though he's the chap who booked Iain Duncan Smith to tell "witty" anecdotes at the weekend?
The sole exception is roots with what we will later call a submorpheme such as English gl- in gleam, glow, glisten, etc., for example, We saw the glinn on the horizon, and hurried home, in which you might well guess that glinn refers to a "gleam" or "glow," although of course you would not know that glinns are regarded as warnings of storms, except perhaps from the specific context.
Now it's being reported by the Gay/Lesbian International News Network (GLINN) that the whole project appears to have been a massive stock fraud.
His guides were Henri Cartier-Bresson and Butt Glinn, then Magnum's Chairman and President.
Glinn, based in Itasca, will spearhead efforts to expand the company's construction projects at U.S.
Dave Carren, from Rogiet, returned 10 rainbows; Chepstow angler Andrew Daley put eight back and Rosemary Glinn returned six.
Simon Glinn, the man behind it all, has so much to do with bringing great music to Liverpool."
Simon Glinn, executive director of the Philharmonic Hall and manager of the event, said: "The weather was kind to us this year and I estimate we had around 30,000 people visit us through the course of the day.
The August '03 son of Larkhill Jo and Tain Glinn has been an impressive winner of his three runs around Newbridge, and his times have improved with each outing.
Eadar Glinn Residential Home in Oban, is getting pounds 50 from me for their residents' comfort fund.
They are both denied an opportunity to talk to Eli Glinn, but while cleaning out the remainder of their stuff from their desks, they discover a computer that has completed a job it was assigned years ago to decipher strange writings on a stone tablet.