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GLINTGlobal Intelligence
GLINTGraphical Linux Installation Tool
GLINTGospel Literature International
GLINTGEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit) Light Imaging National Testbed (satellite project)
GLINTGallium Arsenide Laser Illuminator for Night TV
GLINTGated Laser Illuminator for Narrow Television (USMC)
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His mouth was stern, and his eyes too; and in the latter there was no glint of laughter.
They seemed to have a general groundwork of blue, but here and there other colors glinted at times through the blue--gorgeous yellows, turning to pink, purple, orange and scarlet, mingled with more sober browns and grays--each appearing as a blotch or stripe anywhere on a leaf and then disappearing, to be replaced by some other color of a different shape.
The combined PS150million fees for the three pals added an extra glint of satisfaction to the picture too.
Weather permitting, the glint could have an apparent magnitude of -8.1, which means it will be 500 times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.
We are very excited the way Glint has incorporated Preston into our campaigns, especially our 80th celebration.
Glint chief executive Heidi Dawson welcomed the grant and said: "Participants in our programmes work with horses on the ground to resolve issues such as bullying, lack of confidence, abuse, learning disabilities and mental health issues.
She said: "One of my sister's friends called me and said she was worried about the glint in her eye.
At present, two theories namely wavefront distortion and energy flux density tilt are usually adopted to explain the generation of angular glint, corresponding to two calculation methods-phase gradient method and Poynting vector method.
'The noticeable feature of each portrait is that the subject is smiling - full-blown grins on most faces but no more than a glint from Kieren Fallon'
Major appliance manufacturers and retailers alike received a glint of hope when the cost of hot rolled steel coil fell nearly 2 percent to $549 per metric ton in January 2007 from the prior month, following a nearly 10 percent price increase in 2006.
Though the tenured Professor Taylor is indeed a jewel in the university's crown, a beacon in the department before which our dimmer lights pale (I count myself among these, having been unable to plow through the sprawling fields of Everlasting Vastness), and the lecturer for the immensely popular 400-level course "Page 88: The Punctuation," we urge younger professors to select a more holistic field of study, but not to neglect cultivating a focused expertise in one particular area, much the way the sun's rays may shine on the whole of a mountain, showering its vegetation and outcroppings in ultraviolet, but also catching a tiny reflective object borne by a lost wanderer and glinting, with devastating sadness--because, at last, that diamond-like glint is all that is ever worth seeing.