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GLITCHGremlins Lurking In The Computer Hardware (NASA)
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Doug Church, a spokesman for the National Air Traffic Controllers Union, said controllers were still entering flight plans manually in some places even after the glitch was fixed, the Associated Press news agency reported.
We will not pay claim expenses, damages or privacy notification and crisis management expenses, nor will we defend any of you, for any glitch or claim arising out of or in any way related to any actual or alleged:
The checkpoints were reportedly shut down for two hours as a result of a computer glitch in testing software.
I lost around 500 e-mail correspondences, the result of two different glitches. All the problems this caused are not fully known right now, but I would like to apologize to anyone who may have e-mailed me recently and thinks that I am ignoring them.
A wiring glitch prevents dyslexics from using all three brain regions, which makes reading difficult.
But recent new users, who registered around the time of the glitch, will have to re-enter their information, the company said.
The computer glitch, which happened late on Tuesday night, affected all the bank's 2,400 cash machines and left some customers unable to withdraw cash.
The impending computer glitch, he asserted, could cause American society to break down, spawning terrorist activity, "massive civil disobedience," widespread looting, food shortages, worldwide economic collapse and possible global conflict as unstable dictators seized the opportunity.
When a "glitch" occurs, simply pick an arbitrary point in time that you want to go back to.
It did, however, contain a glitch that provoked comments from a number of practitioners.