GLLUGay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department)
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Since its inception, the GLLU has trained street officers and their supervisors in the intricacies of policing within the gay community.
In addition to its status as a desired place to work for both gay and straight officers, the GLLU has helped make the overall MPD a "talent destination" for openly gay law enforcement professionals.
Because of the GLLU's work, MPD officers are now better informed on Washington's gay community: its needs, vulnerabilities, and permanent place in local culture.
The current case closure rate illustrates the GLLU's remarkable success: The chance of a murder being solved in the United States is about 70 percent.
The GLLU has also become a leader in a little-known but quickly emerging field of crime: same-gender domestic violence.
Several changes the GLLU made facilitated this increase.
For reaching out to an underserved community and creating a model for community policing, the GLLU recently won an Innovations in American Government Award.
Because the GLLU is a model for government's capacity to do good, and do it well, the $100,000 prize specifically supports dissemination to other jurisdictions.
More than a dozen other police chiefs in cities large and small are also giving the go-ahead to establish similar units, and public-sector leaders at all levels of government are soliciting Parson's advice, not only on GLLU, gay, police, and diversity issues, but also on topics ranging from employee motivation, team building, and effective recruiting, for law enforcement and other public-service employment.