GLNPGunung Leuser National Park (Indonesia)
GLNPGrande Loja Nacional Portuguesa (Portuguese: Portuguese Grand National Store; freemasonry; Portugal)
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Presumably with the support of local public sector directors, a district youth committee (DPD II KNPI Southeast Aceh) asked the governor to support the excision of a section of the GLNP for mining and industrial development.
The existence of GLNP, according to the Bupati, does not promise anything.
Higher officials then instructed their local forestry representatives to enforce regulations preventing habitat destruction within the GLNP.
92) Finally, in August, now with instructions from the governor, ten sawmills operating around GLNP in Aceh Tenggara were shut down by district authorities.
Even though the land was included in GLNP, it lay in the 'bufferzone' area that the Bupati was happy to see opened.
During the 1970s, the villager had opened GLNP land across the Alas River from the Jambur Lak-Lak hamlets.
During the early 1990s the extent of logging and forest pioneering in the core area of GLNP had become too visible a reminder of the park's failure to enforce state regulations.
In the face of continuing colonisation of forest lands, during the 1990s state foresters attempted to impose stricter control over GLNP land zoned for biodiversity conservation.
As it turned out, forest farmers who had been resident in the enclaves for over twenty years -- before the area had formally become a part of GLNP in 1980 -- were also required to relocate.
Some villagers are brave [enough to open GLNP land], while others aren't.
As the river constituted the GLNP boundary and these plots were in clear sight of a main provincial road, this represented an open challenge to the authority of GLNP officials.