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GLOGeneral Land Office
GLOGet the Lead Out
GLOGeneral Learner Outcomes
GLOGLO Lounge Orlando
GLOGood Looking Organisation Ltd. (music production)
GLOGospel Literature Outreach
GLOGreek Life Office
GLOGreek Letter Organization (sorority or fraternity)
GLOGrowth and Learning Opportunities
GLOGrupo Linux de Occidente (Mexico)
GLOGovernment Liaison Officer (American Red Cross)
GLOGo Learn Online (New Zealand elearning portal)
GLOGod Lovers Online
GLOGlobal Local Optimizer
GLOGlobal Learning Objects
GLOGeneva Interagency Liaison Office
GLOGreek Liaison Office
GLOGlobal Life Observatory
GLOGreat Lakes Organic
GLOGround/Gunnery Liaison Officer
GLOGoblin Liaison Office
GLOGay and Lesbian Ostamates
GLOGood Looking Out
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Brittany Eck, press secretary for the GLO, said Turner's characterization is disingenuous.
The average values of sample L-moment and TL-moment ratios which are denoted by , which are given below: After the GPA the second and third best fit distributions are GLO and GEV.
Garmin says this gives GLO a 20-second faster lock-on compared to a GPS-only receiver and the position update is 10 times per second and 10 times faster than the GPS chips used in most consumer electronics.
For those homes where lead hazards are found, GLO provides advocacy and support to tenants in interactions with property owners, and encourages property owners to apply for city and county funds to support lead remediation.
For pilots, an exclusive GLO for Aviation package is available, which comes with a mount, power cable and a free six-month trial of Garmin Pilot, Garmin's aviation navigation app for Apple and Android mobile devices, available in the App Store and Google Play.
The reason GLO came to Little Rock first is because I traveled here often for both business and visiting family.
The GLO agreed with the auditor's many recommended fixes and said it was already making changes.
GLO is produced annually, and is distributed free of charge.
He brings over thirty years of highly relevant commercial experience in the general lighting industry worldwide to GLO that will be very valuable to the Company as it transitions from an R&D phase to its mass production and commercial phases.
The GLO depends on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for most of the funding for coastal erosion projects.
Current investors joining in the round in GLO include funds advised by venture capital firms Provider Venture Partners of Stockholm, Hafslund Venture, Agder Energi Venture, and Teknoinvest of Oslo, and VantagePoint Venture Partners of San Bruno, California, all joined by LU Innovation together with LUAB, the investment arm of Lund University (Sweden), as major owners, along with the founders and employees of GLO.
GLO has been a major supporter of the University of Houston for a number of years, providing significant scholarship donations.