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GLOBGround Loving Old Bastard
GLOBGeneration Line of Business (British Columbia Hydro; Canada)
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This study showed that only NA, K, and GLOB intervals published in the Exotic Animal Formulary (6) could be properly validated and suitable for use in adult laying hens that exhibit physiologic extremes.
The total frequency for the GLOB, the PROB, and the SUP strategy were 423 (32.34%), 470 (35.93%), and 415 (31.73%), respectively.
This eigenproblem involves unknowns on all subdomains shared by the glob, i.e., for a face about twice as many as for the eigenproblems (1.2)-(1.3).
Bu calismanin amaci glob retraksiyonu ile iliskili ileri derece yukari ve asagi atim tedavisinde, es zamanli ipsilateral MR geriletme uygulanarak veya MR geriletmesi yapilmadan gerceklestirilen modifiye Y-split uygulamasi ve lateral rektus geriletme cerrahisini sunmaktir.
And in London, a 15-ton, 66-foot-long glob of wipes, dubbed "Fatberg," caused major sewage backups in Whitehall this summer.
Globant (NYSE: GLOB) said it has expanded its operations to Peru by opening a new development center in Lima.
Spit speed matters to archerfish because the variation produces a stream with a fat glob of water at the front that maximizes wallop on the target.
When I went to get the cooled skillet, all that was left was the handle and a glob of metal.
This monstrous glob is called a Nomura's jellyfish, a species that first invaded the Sea of Japan in 2005 and refuses to go away.
It might be argued that having vandalised the neighbouringTriple Kirk site a meaningless glob of architectural tat on top of the gallery will go unnoticed.The council needs to start seriously thinking about taking over the oldWoolmanhill Hospital Building to expand and display Aberdeen's extensive collections, much of which has to stay under wraps for lack of display space.
After I rinsed off the disgusting glob with the garden hose, this award-winning tool was ready to do its job again, but hopefully not for a long time.
Victorious in one battle, Jenny must overcome her deepest fear to confront the last Black Glob. In a fierce fight a tragic loss shocks Jenny- and a surprise secret is revealed.